Change is Soooo Gooood!

We have a choice. We can make a change.

Change is soooo gooood, but only when you are ready to accept it, right? Wrong. It’s a time for change. Honestly, when isn’t it a time for change? It’s inevitable in life, a little bit like death. Saddening but true.

We have a choice. Change can wreck havoc on our lives, or we embrace it, move with the waves, and find our place in the mess. Will we give ourselves excuses to sit in the background, complain about the circumstances, and wish for the past? Or will we dump our attention in the unknown for our growth and benefit?

I have found change to bring an array of emotions, the type of emotions that bring many different levels: happiness, emptiness, loneliness, overwhelming grief, happiness, another level of emptiness, anger, and then peace. These feelings are normal and let our minds adjust to the change, but they shouldn’t overwhelm us. They are good and natural, but will only hinder our personal growth. Life is full of twists and turns and there’s time to grow, but why waste a moment?

Accepting Change When We Can’t Control It.

Move with the tide. If we can’t adjust to our surroundings, we won’t personally grow.

It’s okay to fight the change, but only with solid convictions. If you don’t know why you’re fighting change, then it’s probably not worth the battle.

Find your life line. Who brings you joy and peace? Who calms you down? Don’t go at this alone – find your peach, the person who listens and supports you, but doesn’t get you more agitated.

Not all change appears positive, but there will always be a lesson to learn.

Last, but not least – Love Life! This sounds cliche, but we only get one chance at this. Are we making the most of the time with ourselves, our families, our friends, and the strangers who need our smile and humor. Embrace the change. Love the change. Because Life is Worth Living!

Loving These Days

Welcome to Loving These Days.
As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and lover of the Classics, I have attempted to find the perfect “balance” in my life, but that does not exist – at least not in the way many people assume. There is not a perfect balance, but rather a list of priorities. A content life of happiness and peace includes: God, Family, Friends, Work, and Rest. Some may believe that I am a workaholic, and they may be correct. Whether that’s the truth or not, I don’t have a problem admitting that every new challenge entices me for an opportunity to learn new things.
Loving These Days has been a resource “in the making” for many years through my growth as an wife, mom, entrepreneur, and fundraiser. I have started over three businesses, co-authored a non-fiction book about manners and common sense, and undertook extensive fundraising endeavors. It is important to know that through each of my businesses, a personal lesson was learned and out of those lessons developed the premise for this site. Every new opportunity gives us the chance to enhance our talents and find our passions.
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It is a fine balance, as an entrepreneur, to work both for oneself and for others. Loving These Days is bringing together my Faith, my Faith, and Graceful Living. Please grow with me as the website becomes an outlet of beauty, truth, and goodness through my personal loves: my faith, my family, cooking, baking, entertaining, etiquette, books, home design, money management, and fashion.
For more consistent updates while I create each post for this website, you can follow me on Instagram @dmheckenkamp

5 Year Book Launch Anniversary!


How time flies! It has been five years since the launch of the book, Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life with my best friend, Katrina. There’s nothing more amazing, nor more exhausting than writing a book. As I am now working on a second book, the love and pressure has started all over again and there are no better feelings than the love and dedication put into a book for others to enjoy! Buy your copy on Barnes & Noble or Amazon and enjoy!



Provocative Manners: The Sauce of Life