Home Life: Bread and Butter

There’s nothing like fresh bread baking in the oven, butter from the local farm, and quality time with one’s family. It may sound cliche, but these are the small things that bring a family together. It can almost be guaranteed that if you bake a loaf of bread, little feet will soon come scurrying down the stairs asking what smells so good. This is family life – it brings everyone together without stress, anxiety, or expectations. What a simple, but memorable concept – sitting around a table enjoying homemade bread coated in fresh butter.

The sports may be canceled for the summer. The camps may be canceled for the summer. But your family is not canceled – it is here and ready. Your children are waiting for the simple things. They are ready to love, to grow, and to work together during a time when these qualities are not so easy to find in society. So, I have included one of my favorite homemade white bread recipes from Crazy for Crust. Take the time to bake as a family, enjoy food as a family, pray as a family, and love each other through the process.

Book Review: Giving Thanks and Letting Go by Danielle Bean

If you are in need of support or moments to contemplate your vocation as a mother, this beautiful vocation given by God, please pick up Danielle Bean’s book: Giving Thanks and Letting Go – Reflections on the Gift of Motherhood.

Ave Maria Press – Giving Thanks and Letting Go

I’ve been meaning to write a review on this book for months, but God had other plans: my electronic copy as an initial reader through the publisher didn’t work so I purchased my own print copy through Ave Maria Press, I was then surprised with first trimester pregnancy symptoms, usual homeschooling deadlines, and in fact, at one point I needed St. Anthony to step in for me because I couldn’t find the book and had only one chapter left to read. Let’s just say that my 2020 is been about the same as everyone’s – trudging along, praying for relief, and confidence in God’s Will. Well, I just found some relief from this estranged world and have a chance to sit down to review this book.

I’ve read a lot of books written by Catholic moms, but Giving Thanks and Letting Go: Reflections on the Gift of Motherhood is one of my absolute favorites! I could relate so closely with Danielle Bean as she reminisced the times with young children and her transformation throughout the years. There were times I laughed out loud and other times when I started to cry, because it was so relatable. I’m in those busy years of little children, but I’m also watching my older children reach middle school while being pregnant with baby number six. It’s an odd realization that my older ones are at a different stage and they will soon need to spread their wings, while I’m left with motherhood gaps. I’m learning to embrace this time with them more now and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to homeschool them and spend these fleeting moments by their side.

I appreciate Danielle Bean’s raw narrative and her trust in God’s Will for their family in regards to finances, children, and life in general. Thank you for writing such a fantastic book, Danielle Bean! I highly recommend every mother to read this book. Motherhood truly is a transformation and each day I’m learning to let go a little more of my expectations and giving into God’s plan. I’m so grateful for mothers like Danielle Bean, who followed their passion for motherhood and writing while raising many little ones and trusting in God. I will fully admit that trusting is God is not easy, as I have had my moments of apprehension, but I never regret relying on His goodness in the end.

If you are in need of support or moments to contemplate your vocation as a mother, this beautiful vocation given by God, please pick up Danielle Bean’s book: Giving Thanks and Letting Go – Reflections on the Gift of Motherhood. It will be a great book to have in your home library for man years to come!

Change is Soooo Gooood!

We have a choice. We can make a change.

Change is soooo gooood, but only when you are ready to accept it, right? Wrong. It’s a time for change. Honestly, when isn’t it a time for change? It’s inevitable in life, a little bit like death. Saddening but true.

We have a choice. Change can wreck havoc on our lives, or we embrace it, move with the waves, and find our place in the mess. Will we give ourselves excuses to sit in the background, complain about the circumstances, and wish for the past? Or will we dump our attention in the unknown for our growth and benefit?

I have found change to bring an array of emotions, the type of emotions that bring many different levels: happiness, emptiness, loneliness, overwhelming grief, happiness, another level of emptiness, anger, and then peace. These feelings are normal and let our minds adjust to the change, but they shouldn’t overwhelm us. They are good and natural, but will only hinder our personal growth. Life is full of twists and turns and there’s time to grow, but why waste a moment?

Accepting Change When We Can’t Control It.

Move with the tide. If we can’t adjust to our surroundings, we won’t personally grow.

It’s okay to fight the change, but only with solid convictions. If you don’t know why you’re fighting change, then it’s probably not worth the battle.

Find your life line. Who brings you joy and peace? Who calms you down? Don’t go at this alone – find your peach, the person who listens and supports you, but doesn’t get you more agitated.

Not all change appears positive, but there will always be a lesson to learn.

Last, but not least – Love Life! This sounds cliche, but we only get one chance at this. Are we making the most of the time with ourselves, our families, our friends, and the strangers who need our smile and humor. Embrace the change. Love the change. Because Life is Worth Living!